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JAW Radio officially began as Just a Word Radio, but has now been rebranded to a more user friendly brand name. But who are we?

We began our journey as a Whatsapp group led by Chazaq EliYahu. The group was called biblical truth-seekers, and this name tells it all. We were interested in one thing, and that is getting the whole truth of the scriptures.

Why? Having begun his journey as a Pentecostal Christian, Christianity was eventually shown to be a fallacy. Then, leaving Christianity and joining a sacred name assembly and seeing the many, many choices out there, and the many different doctrines, Chazaq decided to seek the truth at all costs.

In the process, many debates and arguments ensued, mainly with Christians, especially on Facebook. In order to not be repeating these conversations, Chazaq decided to create his own website and make each verbal battle into a truth-revealing post.

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In 2018, the name Just a Word was chosen for the website and it continues to bring out scriptural truth based on Isaiah 28:9-10.

And the passion never changed. It was always the relentless pursuit of truth which made us decide to follow a policy of not requesting funding or contributions.

We truly realized that we cannot serve the Most High and mammon (money), and therefore we concluded that if we asked for donations, money could potentially get in the way of the truth.

Hence, we decided not to ask for donations like almost everyone else does. As a result, Just a Word continued to be funded mainly out of our own pockets and from listeners (or YouTube viewers) who contact us and volunteer to donate.

We believe those who go the extra mile to request to make offerings are genuinely sent by the Most High, and we are happy that their contribution is not as a result of our requests. Hence there is no compromise with the word of truth.

Anyway, we then branched out into podcasting on iTunes, but eventually, through a series of dreams, and a revelation to a prophetess closely associated with Just a Word, we started Just a Word Radio as a test on Zeno.

Then, we saw its potential, and decided to go in deeper, and rented our own VPS server. This was not without its challenges, and after 3 months of hard work, Just a Word Radio was online, broadcasting 24 hours per day, all 7 days of the week.

Now, two years later, we have decided to create an app for Just a Word Radio and the creator of the app called it JAW Radio. Now this was name change was something I was contemplating for some time, and so I saw this as confirmation.

Hence we set about to buy JawRadio.Org and our new website was born. JAW Radio is now our officiaL name for Just a Word Radio!

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Now JAW Radio continues the trend of our other websites, seeking and speak the truth to our listeners, viewers and readers. This is not the place for those with itching ears. This is a place for those who are seeking to get the 100% truth of the Hebrew scriptures.

Freely we receive, freely we give. Because we fear The Most High, our greatest fear is deceiving others and being responsible for leading them astray. Hence we seek the truth to our own hurt.

Join us, as we seek to prove all things, holding fast that which is good. Find out more as to why you should listen to JAW Radio.

Thanks for visiting JAW RAdio!

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